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Digital Painter & Eclectic Artist

Tedra Georgeson


Digital Painter & Eclectic Artist

I am an artist with a boundless passion for digital painting.

I live a simple life in the middle of an almond orchard with my husband and our many pets. My hermit lifestyle allows me to be immersed into my love for creating art.

In 2011, I graduated from American River College with an Associate Degree in Fine Art, where I studied traditional mediums of art, mainly oil painting and sculpture. The digital photography and basic photoshop courses I took oriented me towards my current love of the digital arts; though, it wasn’t until late 2013 when I fully decided to train myself to paint digitally. I currently spend most of my days painting on a digital canvas rather than a physical.

There are many projects lingering in my mind at the moment which I am eager to bring to life. Please follow me as I continue on this strange and wonderful journey.


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2015 Awards & Highlights

Honorable Mention

Big Fresno Fair

Equipment Upgrade

Wacom Intuos Pro, Surface Book, Monitor, MS EX5

1st Prize

Liam's Atheletic Follies

Joined the CAC

Creative Arts Collaborators on Youtube

Runner Up

Jack's Candy Design


Trained left hand to write, draw, and paint

2014 Awards & Highlights

Honorable Mention

Big Fresno Fair


Princess Project Artbook

1st Place

Birdie121 Character Contest

Honorable Mention

Character Interaction Contest

3rd Place

Dinsney X Pokemon Mashup/Crossover

How Often I've Profited from My Amazon Affiliate

I do have an amazon affiliate. Please know that if you make a purchase after using a link on this site, I may receive a commission. This is a great way for you to show your support with very little effort, and I am thankful for any support I receive this way. All items that I post and review on this site are things that I use or own personally which I find helpful. I always aim to be truthful and do not wish to deceive anyone. Thank You.

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