I decided to start an astrology series focusing on representing the various horoscope signs. Personally, I am not big on horoscopes, finding them as a reason for a good laugh rather than practical advice. Even though I hold no merit in their predictions, I do find the signs in themselves fun and intriguing.

So, I begin with my sign in this series, the Pisces. If I have anything good to say about astrology, it is that the definition of Pisces is basically spot on for me. They are known for being very creative and drawn to the arts, something which I've always been:

"February 19 - March 20  

Pisces called Ichtyes ("the fishes") by the Greeks, "Pisces" being the Latin translation.

Usually Pisces cares little for making money, but cares about ideals and aspirations. Pisces likes to dream, he is not interested in competition. Pisces is drawn to the arts, especially the stage. Pisces can be moody and vague..." source

Here's my Youtube video for this painting. It shows my complete work on the painting, sped up X200:

Prints for sale in my DA Prints Shop!


Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy my new painting. 

May you all have a blessed Christmas and holidays filled with joy. 



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