Welcome to the Disney Villains Art Crawl. Please enjoy this wickedly good event.

Each collaborating artist has picked a famous villain to be inspired by. You will find a collection of both innovating and inspiring artist works. You will find many styles and uses of different media being expressed here. The complete playlist can be viewed below.

The List of Participants and Their Characters:

Captain Hook – Cinnamon Cooney

Cheshire Cat – Mark Muir

Cruella De Ville – Maricha

Evil Queen – Audrea Gustafson

Hades – Ayala Art

Headless Horseman – Mark Bergeron

Lady Tremaine – Stephanie Bergeron

Lots o Huggin Bear – Shea Liegh

The Magic Mirror – Sigrid Soto

Maleficent – Angela Anderson

Medusa – Shannon Pratt

Morgana – Anne Williamson

Mother Gothel – Chuck Carson

Oogey boogey – Megan Sandoval

Queen of Hearts – Andrea Gomoll

Scar – Leanne Lafluer

Ursula – Rebekka Hay

Wicked Witch – Tedra Georgeson

Yzma – Jami Talula

Have a fantastic day!

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