It is 2015, a brand new year. So, I decided to start it off the same way that I began 2014, by asking for epic suggestions on what I should paint first! I wanted to know what you guys would like to see. 

As a result, I got some really nice suggestions and it was hard to pick just one. The one I chose came from an old friend of mine, Dean: "Cheshire Cat as the Joker." It's hard for me to resist a cat option when presented. I used to carry a Cheshire Cat plush keychain on my backpack when I was younger, so I thought I'd go with Dean's Suggestion. For Nostalgia!

Here's my Youtube video for this painting. It shows my complete work on the painting, sped up X120:


I also was commissioned to turn this painting into a desktop wallpaper. If you are interested, downloads can be purchased here, or message me directly to make a paypal transaction. The purchase comes with two different versions of the wallpaper.

I think "Mr. Cheshire's Message to Grumpy Cat" is a good title for this, don't you?

Up next, I will be continuing my horoscope series by painting a representation of Aquarius. 



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