This is my second entry in the deviantART "Give the Gift of Art" Competition.

(Rules quote: "The deviation description for your entry must include: the tools used to create your art, and details about who you're giving the precious possession to and why.")

Tools Used:

Wacom Intuos3 tablet, Manga Studio 5 & Photoshop CS4

Who I'm giving this precious possession to and Why:

Every year around Christmas, I draw a special holiday picture and create my own cards to send to my family and friends. It is my little way of saying 'thank you' for being in my life -- by giving something that I worked hard on, rather than just purchased. That way I literally am "giving the gift of art!"

This year, I worked extra hard to try and create something beautiful to send. I painted this Joyous Elf to spread her adorable joy to those who are close to me, as well as to all of you online. I will use this print to create lovely handmade cards to send out for the season.

It makes me happy to be able to spread a little holiday joy into the world. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's and a Wonderful New Year!!! "Joy to the World," as they say. ^_^

Here is the youtube video I made for this painting. It includes everything, from linework to details, of me painting this piece. I sped it all up for the video of course. Enjoy!

Christmas 2014 Joyous Elf

I know I've said this before, but I am really working towards getting my etsy shop up and running. Until then, prints and merchandise can be purchased on my DA prints shop and Society6.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.


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