I have been really bad about posting updates here on my blog. This is something I hope to work on, so here’s a quick update to show that I am trying!

This month I joined the Creative Arts Collaboration, a group made up of hundreds of artistic youtubers. This is my first contribution to one of their monthly hashtag events.

This event begins today, 9/17. at 8AM and continues through the 20th at 11:59PM, during which hundreds of artists will be uploading their fall art with the hashtag #LoveFallArt

For my fall art, I worked on Libra from the new horoscope series I’ve started. This is sort of a teaser, since I will continue to work on this piece, but you can see how I’ve created the design.

Libra birth dates are September 23 – October 22, beginning on the Fall equinox.

I hope you enjoy this event!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have already seen a teaser for this project. I realized where I failed with my first attempt at a horoscope series — it was my complete lack of a plan. I was painting them individually without giving much thought to the project as a whole. However, this time I have already designed all of the signs in advanced. I hope to create a more uniform series this way.

Thank you for stopping by. Again, I really hope to share more regularly. My mind has been everywhere as I continue to work on updates for my website, create new and improve old artworks, and mull over ideas for a graphic novel that I hope to bring into existence. Everyday holds opportunity for growth.


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