Art S. Buck Artist’s Model – female


It is hard to find any artist models that aren’t those wooden, blocky, unusable ones that we all know and love. So, I was very happy to discover this artist mannequin on Amazon for an affordable price!

This doll is 12″ tall, has detailed face/hands/feet, has over 30 points of articulation, and even comes with it’s own custom 4.5″ diameter stand. They also make a male version.

I will mention that the fingers on the hands are solid. One of the hands is in a gripping pose and the other one is open. The head sits stiffly on the neck giving it limited range of motion. Even still, this doll can be great for giving an artist a starting point to work from. Also, the gray skin tone can be useful when experimenting with lighting scenarios and understanding grayscale values.

Overall, for a doll that sells on Amazon for under $30, I consider it to be a great deal. It can be a useful visual reference to aid artists with the human form, and hopefully achieve some dynamic poses in the process!




Female Model

By SideShow Collectibles


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