Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists

Facial Expressions:

A Visual Reference for Artists

This is a really neat book! I am in love with the variety of faces and expressions this book captures, as well as the art that the photographs have inspired!

I will admit that at times the facial expressions on my art can be quite stoic, which is why I was excited to add this book to my personal collection.

The entire book is filled to the brim with black-and-white photographs from cover to cover. It is organized into sections by each individual model. At the end of each model’s section are drawings or paintings which were inspired by one of that model’s facial expressions.

This is a fantastic book for anyone who is looking for great visual references of facial expressions.

“HOW TO USE THIS BOOK: DRAW. LOOK AT THE PICTURES. Draw some more. Besides that, there are lots of creative ways to make use of these reference photos” -(Book Quote)



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