Manga Studio 5



Not only is Manga Studio5 a fantastic program to create Comics and Manga, it has grown to be my favorite program for digital painting and drawing!

For most of 2014, I pretty much stuck solely to Manga Studio5 for digital painting, because I simply loved it too much!

I only recently began coupling this program with Photoshop to help create greater depth to my paintings, but I just find it so easy to achieve my desired results with Manga Studio vs other programs.

I’ll also mention that Manga Studio5 has support for 3D objects and figures, which allows for reference and background materials.

I highly recommend this program for digital painters, especially if you fancy the idea of creating a comic one day. This program is such an amazing tool to have at your fingertips! And the best part is the price, because for under $40 you’ll have an impressive program to paint, draw, and create all sorts of wonderful things in. Fantastic value.

The picture below was painted entirely in Manga Studio5 and it won me an honorable mention in the 2014 Big Fresno Fair.




Manga Studio 5

by Smith Micro Software Inc.


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