I will not draw or paint material that makes me uncomfortable.

I am fastest and strongest at digital painting, but I can be persuaded to draw/paint in traditional mediums as well, including: Watercolor, Oil Paint, Charcoal, Pencil, Pen, Prismacolor (marker/colored pencil)

I make copper wire jewelry with gemstones, dice, sharks teeth… I can make pendants, adjustable rings, bracelets, nickel-free earrings.

I can make custom perler bead sprites. Old game characters/items are the easiest, due to their limited pallets, but I can create custom ones as well. Tell me what it is you want and I’ll tell you if I can make it happen.

I always like to work fast, but some mediums take longer than others. I will give a time estimate along with your price estimate.

-I will always allow one correction if needed. Please see Commission Process for details

-I always do my best to give you what you want based on your description.

-I won’t draw content that is overtly sexual, demeaning, or anything I see as unethical

-I have the right to refuse any commissions without explanation

-I will not draw any content I am uncomfortable with, no matter the price

-Curious if your request will be too much or not within my abilities? Just ask!

If you decide to cancel, refunds may or may not be given depending on if I started and how much of the commission I’ve completed.
 Not started = full refund.
 Started (not much done) = 85% refund
 Started (halfway done) = 50% refund
 Nearly completed = 25% refund
 Finished but not yet shown = No refund
Once I have responded with your price/time estimate and you have accepted, please send the money to me on Paypal.
Or, I can open a reserved listing on Etsy upon request.
Once payment is processed and received, you will be added to my list of commissions.
Commissions will be worked on in a First Come/PAYED basis.
You can cancel the commission ANYTIME BEFORE YOU PAY.
But there will be no full refunds after I begin.
I will send a sketch preview of the drawing, so you can tell me if you want any changes before I work on the details.
(For Jewelry: I will send photo of the materials.
For Perler Bead Sprites: I will send photo of the arranged beads before I heat them up.)
After I complete the drawing, you may request minor adjustments, such as color and atmosphere, but please no extreme changes like pose or additional content.
The whole process may take anywhere between a couple of days to a month, depending on where you stand on the wait list. I will try to give you a correct time estimate, but please avoid commissioning me last minute if you need it by a certain date.

Current Commissions List:

  • Stacie Overman 100%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%
  • OPEN 0%


**Example price ranges are only approximations. I currently work on a case-by-case basis, so prices will vary.

Commissions Request Status is: OPEN!

Please fill out the form below and I will email you with a price & time estimate ASAP!

Orders are filled on a first-come first-payed basis.

Prices may be flexible unless I tell you otherwise. Make your request today!

Tedra Georgeson

Digital Painter & Eclectic Artist

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