Here she is! My new model, fresh out of the box and ready for her close up!

I am unbelievably excited to now own this fantastic artist's mannequin. I will save my full review of this doll for later, because I really think the pictures say so much already.

I found out about the S.F.B.T.-3 sometime in June of last year and I was immediately impressed. I could see such potential to use this doll as my own personal figure model. The only problem... these dolls are anything but easy to come by.

They are hand assembled, have over 80 points of articulation, and the order page actually says that she has 240 joints! Absolutely incredible. Because of this, the S.F.B.T.-3 is only available by pre-order and they only accept a small number of pre-orders  at a time. I reloaded the page every day, curious if I would see it become available... And when I would neglect to check, it would become available and sell out within days. It wasn't until one lucky day in November that I checked and saw 15 pre-orders were available! I couldn't believe it! My husband, knowing how much I desired to own this model, decided to go ahead and place the order as a Christmas gift to me!

It also hits the wallet pretty hard. It costs $300 + shipping to order this little lady. Shipping wasn't cheap, either. We paid $45 just for shipping! The company is located in Japan. I am not endorsed by this company at all, I just really freaking love their product. So, if you are interested in devoting time and denting your wallet to get one of your own, you can find the order page HERE

DSC_1100_1 (1)

DSC_1103_1 (1)

After placing the pre-order, we waited patiently. Two months later, here she is!

DSC_1115_1 (1)

DSC_1106_1 (1)

With this model, I am able to very easily achieve natural posture in the poses I create. Comparing my new model to my other, Art S. Buck, model, the subtleties are obvious. While both are nice, the S.F.B.T.-3 really brings the figure to life with its incredible attention to detail and mimicking of natural bone structure.

DSC_1274 (1)

I've heard that they are working on a male version, but I haven't seen them sell it yet. Oh, yeah, I'd love to add that one to my collection as well, but not sure if it will be worth it to spend another $300 on in the future, especially since being an artist isn't exactly making me any money at the moment... Maybe one day that will change? 

DSC_1188 (1)

DSC_1118_1 (1)

Since I am blessed with this wonderful artist's model, I want to share its joys with you! I am going to start Figure Fridays right here on my blog! Every Friday I will post some new reference poses of my models. I welcome other artists to request poses and be inspired by my photos in your own art! If you do use one of my references I'd love to see what you create, so send me a link to your artwork!

I look forward to sharing more pictures with you tomorrow for my first Figure Friday! If you have any, go ahead and leave your pose suggestions in the comments.  

God Bless,



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